Friday, August 20, 2004

Double Whammy

Today, I get to blog on two of my favorite topics in ONE POST: Oregon AND Politics. This should be fun.

First, I just got out of spending the afternoon volunteering for the local chapter of the Bush/Cheney campaign. My job was to call registered independents and poll them on a couple of topics, including asking if they planned on supporting the President in November. With a few notable exceptions, the overwhelming majority said yes. The west coast may not be as "blue" as people think.

Second, Thanks for the Memory to Macker's World:

Apparently Al Gore was in our fine state and was harassed by some jack-booted brownshirted thug got a speeding ticket for doing 75 in a 55 zone.

Poor Al, things just haven't been the same since 2000, have they?

hee hee


One other piece of info that I learned while at the local Republican HQ Saturday, and this bit will blow the minds of people who know this area (Are you listening, Bishop?). Apparently, the University of Oregon is home to the third largest College Republicans club in the country, with around 500 members.

Does anyone else see a conflict brewing on campuses across the nation between overwhelmingly liberal faculty and increasingly conservative students?

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