Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Crow Schnitzel

A few days ago, in the comments to my post on Hollywood and celebrity activism, I likened Arnold Schwarzeneggar to a Republican version of the Hollywood nutjobs who are continually opening their mouths and removing all doubt. Well, last night I listened to him speak at the RNC.

I was wrong.

His Austrian accent was still classically thick, but he was eloquent, moving, and revealed a mind sharper than I expected. I Pulled a Liberals on him and seriously underestimated him. The story he told of his childhood in Austria, the things that maotivated him to become an American and then a Republican, were all articulate and moving. I'm still peeved at him for using advertising in Portland to try to steal Oregon buisinesses to California, but that's his job. I take my hat off to him, he has my newfound respect.

Oh, and Democratic speakers, take a note: THAT is how self-deprecating humor should be done.

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