Monday, September 13, 2004

It's About Time II

After the cruel trick they played on me in the Ducks game Saturday, the football gods owed me a little consolation come NFL Sunday.

They did not disappoint.

Having been without a favorite team for several years, I have been following the teams who have drafted recent UO grads -- particularly Joey Harrington. Also, I'm trying to care about the Seahawks, since they ARE in the PNW, and San Diego, since I lived there for 12 years. Not as true favorites, but as teams I like.

Minnesota drafted Keenan Howry and Onterrio Smith. They beat Dallas 35-17.

Seattle also has a former Duck, Maurice Morris. They beat New Orleans 21-7.

San Diego has Justin Peele and Igor Olshansky (watch for that name. He's a rookie, but as he matures, he's going to be a force to recon with on the D-line). They beat Houston 27-20.

And finally, Detroit. Detroit of the 24-game road losing streak. Detroit who recruited my favorite Quarterback. They ended the streak, beating Chicago 20-16.

Not a bad way to start the season. It sure beat all sorts of hell out of Saturday.

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