Thursday, September 23, 2004


Thanks for the Memory to KVAL TV the Feared Redhead.

I hate to link to a CBS affiliate news station, but that's who's covering the story in this area, and being a bicycle rider, this one's important to me -- especially since I own one of said Kryptonite locks.

Bike Lock Recall

By Dana Rebik

Eugene -
Bike theft is becoming more and more of a problem in Eugene and around the country.

The company Kryptonite is now recalling its cylinder lock after finding people can break into it easily with a Bic pen.

Today we visited the owners of Riley and Paul's Bike Shop in Eugene. They demonstrated how to pick the lock and had it open within a matter of seconds.

Students are arriving back and the University of Oregon and many were surprised to hear their locks can be picked so easily.

"It's news to me," says Theron Wells. "I thought my bike was safe. I've had this Kryptonite lock for years and it served me well. I'm surprised all it takes is a Bic pen to unlock it."

Some say it's best to put two locks on your bike to deter thieves. Better locks can help, but some think bike theft could decrease if police are more aggressive in responding.

"Bike theft needs to be taken seriously and there also has to be a law enforcement effort to suppress this activity," says Paul Robertson.

Eugene police say September and October are the peak months for bike theft.

For information on how to return your Kryptonite lock, click on the link below or send an email to:

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