Monday, October 04, 2004

Can You Picture That?

Thanks for the Memory to Drudge via Vices and Virtues.

My friend Ricky V has clued me in to the most idiotic case yet of leftist persecution of a conservative. It may not be the most violent, or illegal, or mean-spirited, but it is without a doubt the stupidest.

A school teacher in New Jersey has taken flak for displaying a picture of President Bush. You may ask why this is persecution, since a teacher should not be using her classroom as a bully pulpit (no left-leaning teacher would ever do that, right?). Well the catch is, she posted pictures of ALL the US Presidents as part of a civics display in her classroom.

No matter what you think of Bush, he *IS* the President, and including him in such a display is appropriate. I would expect to find a picture of Clinton in the same display. and lo and behold, there was, if the article is accurate.

But that wasn't good enough for the parents. Three of them confronted her, demanding that she display a picture of Kerry as well. That's a bit premature, and not necessarily a given, wouldn't you say? According to the article, when she refused, she got in trouble with her vice principle.

This is getting old. I'm glad for once that, according to the article, some of the parents are standing up for her. I'll try to keep up on this article, and if anyone else learns anything new, please pass it on to me.

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