Monday, October 18, 2004

The Football Gods Were Angry With Me

Not a good weekend to be a team I rooted for. sure, my Ducks won on Saturday, thus marking the first time this season they've won two in a row, and bringing their record to a dead even 3-3, but that still leaves them with only 2 losses leeway if they want to chalk up a school-record 11th straight winning season. And if they commit the kind of errors they did on Saturday against some of their future opponents, they are toast.

Yesterday, not so good. A run down of the teams I root for, from the closest I have to a favorite on down:

Detroit: Ouch. Green Bay cleaned their clocks. At least they're still over .500 at 3-2
Seattle: They played New England. 'Nuff said. Though I am proud of the way they hung tough.
San Diego: Didn't get to watch this one to the end, and I'm glad. Talk about snatching defeat rom the jaws of Victory.
Minnesota (Hey' I married one, it's a survival instinct. Plus, a former Duck plays for them): The one bright spot on the weekend.

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