Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My Take on the VP Debate

Yeah, Cheney won. That's nothing new. Everyone's been blogging on that for over 12 hours now. And except for the most partisan liberal viewpoints, that's the consensus.

So I'll stick to the things that, well, stuck with me.

First, as well as the Vice President did, he had help, from an unexpected source -- Edwards, and the camera. That split screen format, and the way Edwards maintained a smug, smarmy smirk (consider the alliteration) throughout the debate, did nothing to endear John Boy to the common man.

Second, as luck would have it, when I turned on the TV last night, it was on ABC NBC (oops, thanks for pointing out my error, Scott), so I got to hear Tom Brokaw's post-debate analysis. His description of Cheney's delivery was surprisingly clever and positive -- he compared him to George Foreman, slow and deliberate with a devastating right.

And finally, on the topic of ABC NBC, they ended the segment with interviews of bloggers. I was expecting Glen Reynolds or one of the Margolis brothers for the conservative view, and probably Kos for the liberal. I was embarassed not to have thought of Hinderaker and the Powerline crew. But Wonkette? Please. She was shallow, nervous, and tittery, and contributed nothing of substance to the conversation. I'm no liberal, but even I could have picked a better representative of the left side of the net than Madame Sodomy.

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