Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Just... Wow.

In the few months I've been blogging, I have on occasion managed to write an entry that toucherd a nerve, and garnered a significant amount of linkage and comment. Yesterday was one of those days. Five comments in less than twenty-four hours, including two from readers/bloggers I've never heard of before, and a Link at Blogfather Rusty's. Nothing compared to the big boys, but for me, a modest success.

So what was this wonderful post of mine that generated such a response? A witty observation on life in general? An insightful commentary on some political issue? A poetic description of the beauty of my home state? Some deep, profound idea I expressed? No.

A Prayer Request.

These are the kind of people you find in the blogosphere. People who will take time to let you know that yes, they do give a damn.

If you ever meet anyone who questions the kind of people who blog or read blogs, send them to me.

And to all of you who have responded, my deepest gratitude. May you never need my prayers, but if you do, they are yours.


My mother sends her thanks, as does my aunt herself, who writes:

How can I say thank you? Perhaps one thing I can do is share the tremendous peace that I've had since I woke up this morning. And the certain, overwhelming knowledge that the prayers of so many people, many of which I don't even know and most of which I will never be able to thank, have risen to my Savior's ears and have put a smile on his face, as well as mine. Never, since before my divorce, have I felt so completely loved and accepted by those who love Him and, most of all, by him.

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