Thursday, January 06, 2005

An Iraqi Perspective

Thanks for the Memory to a comment from Reader Carin (who happens to have an excellent Blog of her own).

Surprisingly, my recent post on Pablo Paredes ha generated more discussion than I'm used to getting. And I welcome that. In fact, I ESPECIALLY welcome the dissenting view being expressed. As much as I appreciate the encouragement I get for my blog, after a while, hearing "You're right" all the time can get old, unless it's followed by the words "I hadn't thought of that before". That's why I had been focusing more on personal entries and less on political commentary.

But this duscussion has my juices flowing again, and now one comment in particular inspires me -- not to write, but to recommend you read -- specifically, read this excellent article by an Iraqi regarding the war:

How the Left Betrayed My Country - Iraq
By Naseer Flayih Hasan

I'm sure there are other points of view as well, but this is the best case for the war from an Iraqi perspective that I've read.

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