Friday, September 23, 2005

Both Sides Now

Thanks for the Memory to Ally at Who Moved My Truth for saving me from my own bitterness.

After yesterday's rant on Race and Volunteering, I received a comment from reader Jaybird, who pointed me to an editorial in the Oregonian with more of the same racist drivel, and I was nigh unto the end of my rope. The quality of mercy really was beginning to feel strained, when I popped over to Ally's and found a link to an excellent editorial in FrontPage Magazine from Rabbi Aryeh Spero.

The good Rabbi gets it. He sees what I saw. Read the whole thing.

And I have a response to this concluding statement:
Those who for decades have been accused by elitists of not having compassion are the ones living it. They are: the churches, the military, and the sons and daughters of the South.
Thank you, Rabbi. And you're welcome.

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