Thursday, November 03, 2005

DeFazio: DeFoe of DeFree Speech

Thanks for the Memory to the Gay Patriot via Darth Apathy.

The U.S. House has defeated a bill that would exempt blogs from McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform.

That means that the law remains as it stands, and blog entries are now considered political contributions, which must be reported under McCain Feingold.

Here's the part that burns me: Guess who voted against it?

Vic has it covered regarding the fact that the Democrats in general were opposed to a bill that would have protected our right to free speech. the part that angers me, but doesn't surprise me, is the presence of one particular name in the Nay column:

Peter DeFazio (S-OR)

Oregon's long-standing socialist weasel, of course, would oppose this. Over the last year I have seen the number of conservative bloggers in Oregon explode. Wouldn want us raising our voices to actually disagree with you, now would we, Pete?

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