Sunday, January 01, 2006

Salena Zito has written an excellent column on why Condi is the perfect GOP candidate if Hillary (*shudder*) gets the Dem nod in '08. It's something that's been said before, but it's an idea that's picking up steam. But Zito makes a point that must be heeded regardless of who the Right nominaters, and one that goes beyond Dick Morris' theory of the Hillary v Condi gambit:

What Republicans must do is go to great lengths to lay down the markers of
how truly liberal this woman is.

Precisely. It's not going to be easy -- by taking a hawkish stand on Iraq, and a few other manouvers, Clinton is trying to cast herself as a "moderate" cut from the same cloth as hubby. But don't be fooled -- she's as liberal at Ted Kennedy (D-Glenlivet) ever dreamt of being.

I suspect that Hillary herself will end up helping us in this regard -- she'll have to curry the favor of the increasingly strident left wing of the Democratic party. Either way, she'll be in no position to refute those markers if she wants to keep her base.

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