Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday Fun

Thanks for the Memory to Dave in Texas over at Ace of Spades Headquarters.

As a guest blogger filling on for Ace while he's moving, Dave posted a tongue-in-cheek "Fun Facts about Texas". So I decided to do the same here about Oregon.

But I'm going to do it a little differently. First, I'm going to reprint a few REAL facts about Oregon, gleaned from different sources. Then I'll share a few "Fake but Accurate" fun facts that Oregonians like to use to tease themselves.

Real Fun Facts About Oregon:

* Sea Lion Cave, north of Florence, Oregon, is the largest sea cave in the world.
* Oregon was the destination of the largest land migration in history, the Oregon Trail.
* Oregon has no sales, Restaurant, or liquor tax.
* Crater Lake, Oregon is the deepest lake in America, it is 1949 feet deep at its deepest point.
* Oregon is reported to have more ghost towns than any other state in the Union.
* It is illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon.
* The Oregon Dunes are the largest coastal sand dunes in North America.
* Hells Canyon, along the Oregon/Idaho border, is the deepest canyon in America at 8,000 feet.
* Astoria, Oregon is the oldest permanent White settlement west of the Rockies.
* The World's tallest barber shop pole is in Forest Grove, Oregon.
* Heceta Head Lighthouse, north of Florence, is the nation's most photographed lighthouse.
* The D River in Lincoln City, Oregon, is the shortest river in the world (42 feet).
* The Oregon state flag is the only state flag to carry two designs -- the state seal on one side, and an image of the state animal (the Beaver) on the other.

Fake-But-Accurate Fun Facts About Oregon:

* Oregonians don't tan -- they rust.
* *The State flower is mold.
*Everything is green in Oregon -- even the rocks (actually, this one I don't make up. Moss grows EVERYWHERE here).
* Oregon actually does have a summer. It is a beautiful time of year, sunny and warm. Last year it was on a Thursday.
* In 2005, 23 people fell off their bicycles in Oregon. and drowned.
* Oregonians of all political stripes hold to the following beliefs:
* Anything with less that 5% alcohol by volume is not beer.
*Oregonians do not recognize the "North/South" distinction. Anywhere that you can watch the sun SET while facing the Rocky Mountains is BACK EAST.
*Oregonians support the construction of a fence and the posting of armed troops at the border. The OREGON/CALIFORNIA border, that is.
*It's not rain, it's liquid sunshine.
*If it doesn't have snow on top in July, it's not a mountain.
* If you don't have to lean back to see its top, it's not a tree.
* If it doesn't produce enough standing water to float a canoe, It's not rain.

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