Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Not That Anyone Cares

A couple of years ago, before TFR got pregnant, before I even blogged, I found something I'd been wanting for some time at a flea market -- a nice wine rack. It dodn't LOOK nice at the time -- it was water stained and the varnish was cracked and chipped -- but it has a solid teak tray top, and holds 16 bottles. I bought it for $4, took it home, and restored it. I used a simple oil for the finish: no varnish, urethane, etc. My goal was to eventually stock it with wines from Oregon wineries we've visited. Pregnancy and parenthood intervened, and our winery touring has been scaled back.

But I have managed to stock it with Oregon wines, and while only one bottle was purchased at a winery, several bottles are from wineries we've been to. It took me time, since I can't afford 16 bottles of wine all at once, and has required some persistence, but I've got it stocked. And while it is dominate (like Oregon's wine industry) by Pinots, there are some other wines in it that are quite nice as well. I don't exclusively drink Oregon wines, but I do exclusively stock the rack with Oregon wines, and we do drink mostly such.

So I thought I'd share with you my collection. Not being a wine expert, but having my own esthetics in mind, I decided to stock 4 white wines, 4 blushes, 4 reds, and 4 dessert wines. I also have 1 semi-sparkling sitting on top of the tray, next to the decanter and rabbit.

Wineries we've actually visited are in italics.

Fries Family Cellars 2004 Duck Pond Pinot Gris
Eversham Wood 2004 Blanc du Puits Sec (a gewurtzstraminer/Pinot Gris blend)
Saginaw Vineyards 2003 Estate Grown Pinot Gris
St. Josefs 2000 Pinot Gris

High Pass Winery 2004 Pinot Noir Rose
Girardet 2003 Whit Zinfandel
Saginaw Vineyards 2002 Pinot Noir Blanc
Chateau Lorane 2003 Gamay Noir Rose

Girardet 2001 Barrel Select Pinot Noir (our favorite)
King Estate 2002 Pinot Noir
Abacella 2003 Tempranillo
Amity 2004 Gamay Noir

Montinore Estates 2003 Late Harvest Riesling
Made in Oregon Cellars Nog (a blended sweet red intended for mulling at the holidays)
Chateau Lorane Life Force Raspberry Mead
Honeywood Blackberry Wine

Silvan Ridge 2004 Early Muscat

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