Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Og Good

One of my new favorite blogs to read is This Mom Blogs. I don't always agree with Theresa on every topic (especially abortion), but I appreciate the humor and candor of her writing, and her love for her family and the graciousness with which she treats her readers. Plus she has a damned sexy logo.

The other day she posted her husband's response to her comments on the effects her menopause is having on him. In his response, he makes reference to Og, and she expressed both amusement and bemusement over the identity of this "Og". In her comments, I expressed surprise that she'd never heard of Og. Apparently, according to her email in response, no, Og is commonly known to only us guys. So, for all you ladies out there, I shall answer the important question, "Who is Og?"

Og is that caveman ancestor who explains so many of those mail behavior traits you ladies find at times endearing, at times maddening, but always mystifying. All men have a little Og in him, down deep somewhere. He is the instinctive male response to any situation.

Adam was the first man, father of us all. Og was the first guy, crazy-but-cool uncle of us all.

Prometheus gave man fire. Og first used it to barbecue, and first employed it in a practical joke.

In the Bible, Nimrod was the Mighty Hunter. Og was the inventor of the story of The One That Got Away.

The ancient Mesopotamians invented the Cuneiform Alphabet. Og invented writing your name in the snow.

Og is the hunter focused on his prey who explains why men go to the store for something, not go shopping.

Og is the inventor of the tried-and-true "Give it a good whack" school of equipment repair.

Og, contrary to popular belief, did not woo women by whacking them over the head with a club and dragging them into his cave. He wooed women by dragging a mammoth carcass to their cave, whence they would cook it, and while he ate, hit him over the head with his own club and drag him into THEIR cave. To this day, this is the way men prefer it.

And Og, for all that we chuckle at his alleged social ineptness, is the primal man whose drive is to protect and provide, who stands, spear in hand, between his clan and the dire wolves and cave bears, who treks across the ice for miles in search of meat, who stays awake at night, vigilant against the dangers in the darkness.

Og Good.

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