Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Lad: Camera Phone Photoblogging

These pictures cover quite a few months:

The very first picture I took of him with the camera phone, thios time last year:

Last spring, just before he started walking:

Also last spring or winter:

Also back in the spring or summer, before he gave up the bottle. We had a surprisingly easy time making the transition, but this day, not even sleep could rob him of his ba-ba:

Early summer. You buy them toys, they play with the box:

Early summer, a glimpse of things to come *shudder*:

At the same mall -- dream big, little boy:

This past summer, we took him to Lone Pine Farm to see the tractor:

And the goats:

The sheep weren't so thrilled to meet him. Mutton, anyone?:

We bought fresh produce that day. Like any good Oregon boy, he loves berries:

And watermelon:

This summer, at the park:

He liked the sand at the park so much, we had to:

At the Portland Zoo:

This Halloween (he was too sick to wear this outfit trick-or-treating):

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