Saturday, April 07, 2007

Where Have You Gone Ghirardelli Flicks?

A Nation Turns its Hungry Teeth to You, Woo Woo Woo...

This evening, TFR and I I were watching the Food Network, and the show was on candy. It got me thinking about two candies I miss from my childhood:

Ghirardelli Flicks. These were chocolate chips on steroids; stealth kisses. They were round chocolates, with a curved tip like a chip or a kiss but flatter and bigger round. They came in cardboard rolls similart to TP tubes but smaller, wrapped in colored foild paper. According to one of the websites I visited, Ghirardelli's packaging equipment was damaged when they moved to San Leandro, and that's their excuse for not selling them anymore. Considering that another company now makes and sells them, it seems like a lameass excuse. I do miss them so.

The other candy was:

7-Up Bars. Made by Pearson Candy of Minnesota, this was a filled cany bar, and each section of the bar was filled with a different flavored filling. Unlike Flicks, none of the specialty nostalgia candy makers is selling them.

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  1. Anonymous3:43 AM

    I too loved the Flicks and I am happy someone thought enough of them to produce them again, however they do not taste the same to me. I know they purchased the formula and the packaging from Ghirardelli they just do not have that sweet odiferous chocolate smell of the original. They had their own chocolate smell that set them apart from any other chocolate. If you buy some of the Ghirardelli squares they still have that smell. The new ones are OK, but not the same as the old ones. I am kind of stuck on the old flavor so I will stick to the Ghirardelli flavor. I hope somehow they can get together and bring back the original taste.