Sunday, May 17, 2009

That's My Boy!

It's been a while since I updated my readers on The Lad. Well, it's been over four years since his birth, and he's growing into quite a wonderful boy -- sweet, very tender-hearted, good to his mother, bright (SCARY smart at times), with a surprisingly well-developed and wicked sense of humor.

And he's definitely his father's son. He insists on helping me in the kitchen every time I cook. When he plays, he plays at "cooking". When he pretends to salt his "food" while playing, he doesn't shake a salt shaker -- he pinches with his fingers and rubs them together. And today, he REALLY proved that I've raised him well.

The weather was glorious -- close to 80, I'd guess -- so we spent a lot of time outdoors -- we went to the park, went garage sale hunting. On our way home, we pulled up at a stop sign when the smell of smoke came wafting into the car. This wasn't charcoal smoke, this was real wood smoke -- oak, I'd guess, from the aroma. Before I could comment myself, The Lad chimed up, "Do you smell the barbecue?"

I'll make a pitmaster out of him before he can legally drink!

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