Thursday, October 08, 2009

Not at the END of My Rope, but Developing Rope Burns

So I had my interview today. Eh. I was interviewed by both the director of food services and the exectuive chef. They seemed to like me, but the chef was unimpressed by the short order nature of the restaurants where I've worked, my lack of "Real" reataurant (his words) experience. Furthermore, my time in SO and institutional showed when I proved too rusty to answer a simple culinary question -- what are the 5 mother sauces, and how do you make a Sauce Mornay? I felt like a freaking IDIOT.

I'm getting damned discouraged, and I'm on the brink of looking again for some other career. Maybe I just wasn't meant to do something I enjoy. I mean, SOMEBODY has to be a drone.

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