Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Har! Wizkids Be Evil, Matey!

Even people who aren't incredibly geeky have been exposed to CCG's, or Collectible Card Games. The kid-oriented ones like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon have even been made into popular cartoons.

But for snobbish, old school gamers like myself, they're nothing but crack for gamers. I'm an adherent to the old style RPG's and wargames, things that require dice and paper and pencils and books and maps or terrain and miniatures. Since I first saw friends playing Magic: The Gathering, I played a couple of times but avoided getting sucked into the madness. I never bought a single card.

Until now. Wizkids has finally hooked me. They've published a game called Pirates of the Spanish Main and I am HOOKED! It's not a true card game, in that you don't play a hand with cards arrayed in front of you.

Instead, each card is polystyrene, the size and shape of a credit card (ominously appropriate), and has printed on it the pieces of a ship which are cut. You punch them out, put them together like a model, and presto, you have a playing piece, a pirate (or British or Spanish) ship to sail around the playing table.

It's already sold out here in Eugene, and they won't print more until September. I managed to buy 6 packs, but I'm already jonesing for more.


  1. Now that's a game I could play!

  2. Must. Stifle. Comments. Regarding. Pirate Wenches.