Friday, August 13, 2004

Seared in His Sense of Direction

Kerry was in town last night. A coworker of mine sent me the following story of his encounter with the campaign:

So... I live in Eugene, Oregon. I affectionately (??) refer to it as "the lion's den." It's not easy being a conservative Republican here. I had a nice meal at our local mall and went for a little drive. Well... there I am, on a residential street and the traffic is going at a snail's pace. I look up and see some busses. As they turn, I see what's holding us up... the Kerry caravan (Kerryvan!). They go up a couple of blocks, stop, then turn around. They had missed the turn to the street I just came from so they could get to their stop for the night, the Valley River Inn.

As I realized they were lost, I was SOOO hoping they would ask me for directions... hehehe. "Sorry, I don't know the way to Gehenna." No such luck... just keep moving, Rick. Then I thought to myself... "What a perfect metaphor! The Kerry busses... lost." Seems like the Demo candidate is missing the mark in a lot of areas, including his position on the travel industry. LOL.

You'd think with $400M, he could afford up-to-date navigation software?

Maybe this explains the confusion about if and when he was in Cambodia.

Hat Tip to Rick V.

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