Friday, September 03, 2004

Blog Plug

OK, I ain't Glenn Reynolds, and this ain't no Instalaunch, but I do realize that my handful of loyal readers are a bright bunch and good judges of horseflesh, so to speak. So I'm telling you about one of your own.

Less than an hour ago, I got an email from reader Keith in Mt. View, asking permission to link to this blog from his. I was a bit amused, since I consider that the linker is doing the linkee a favor. But I respected the politeness, granted permission, and offered to return the favor if he'd send me his link. He complied, and I followed it, only to realize I'd been there, and liked what I saw. Then I notice only one of his entries has a comment, and it's from ME!!!!


This guy's blog is well-layed out and well-written. He's bright, well-travelled, well-informed, and writes well. For pete's sake, people! go read it! NOW!!!!!

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