Friday, September 03, 2004

We Ain't Talkin' About Fabric Softener!

Thanks for the Memory to Ace of Spades HQ.

During presidential elections, there is usually a phenomenon known as Bounce. The idea is, the momentum and publicity of a party's convention gives the party's candidate a boost in the polls.

This year, President Bush was struggling in the polls against Kerry in the days leading up to the DNC. It was predicted that he'd slip even further after Kerry announced the selection of Edwards as his running mate, it was an expected "Mini-bounce." It failed to materialize. Not to worry, folks! said the Donkeys. We still have the Convention! The DNC came and went, and guess what? No discernable bounce. But the Dem-wits had an explanation for this, too. There is no bounce they said, Neo-Matrix-Like. The electorate is so partisan, there aren't enough undecideds left to provide a bounce. Kerry didn't get one, and neither will Bush. Then came the RNC, and before President Bush even spoke, the polls tossed the Dimocrats this curveball:


One has to wonder what the bounce will look like after Thursday night.

George Bush is like Tigger: Bouncing is what he does bestest.

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