Thursday, September 02, 2004

My Shot Left Foot

Thanks for the Memory to VodkaPundit and Darth Apathy.

Aside from the veracity of his claims and their bearing on his qualifications for the Presidency, one of the primary reasons so many veterans take issue with John Kerry, and one of the reasons the Swift Boat Vets for the Truth have come after him so hard has to do with his anti-war activities after the war. They feel he has defamed them and dishonored their service and their memory. Many would like to hear him apologize. Recently President Bush suggested to Brit Hume that that would be a good idea for Kerry. Kerry's Response? "There will be no apology."

I guess his theory is, if he shoots himself in the OTHER foot, then it'll even things out and his campaign won't limp as badly. It doesn't work like that, Johnny.

He was already slipping in the polls among veterans. I wouldn't be surprised if he polls as low as 25% after this.

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