Thursday, September 02, 2004

Somebody Had to Say It

A while back, I got a trackback from an excellent blog called Naked Villainy (I've been meaning to thank them, I probably will today). Ever since, I've read it and found it to be well-written and frighteningly in agreement with me on some obscure things.

That was especially borne out today, when they did something I've wanted to do for some time: Go ballistic on the California Cows commercials.

To take things a step further, not only do I agree with their deconstruction of the "Happy Cow" argument, I can tell you from experience, I am unimpressed with the quality of California cheese, especially sharp cheddar, my personal favorite.

Now I'm biased, but I think that in respect to both what constitutes happy cows, and what constitutes good cheese, a better option would be that offered by the Tillamook County Creamery Association, a favorite here in Oregon and an annual contender in national competitions. Their Black Label Extra Sharp White Cheddar is evilly good. Small craft cheesemakers are beginning to pop up all over the state, but Tillamook manages to put out large quantities of high quality cheese thanks to a cooperative agreement with the dairies in their area, an area whose annual rainfall and mild coastal climate makes for lush, green grass year round for the cows.

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