Thursday, September 01, 2005


Yesterday I posted a (now removed) very snarky, nay, quite biting, post in response to a post by Smallholder at Naked Villainy. I was quite angry because I felt the post in question maligned me as members of a specific group of bloggers. SH contacted me personally and made it clear that he knew full well that I had conducted myself in a way different from those with whom he takes issue, and in no way intended to defame me by his post. His gracious effort to convey this to me was effective, and I have remove my offending post.

In retrospect, I should have contacted him personally with my objections before airing a feud that really wasn't to begin with. For thisd I am ashamed and offer my apologies to my readers and to my friend, you all should have been able to expect better from me.

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