Sunday, April 06, 2008

Random Geneaology Stuff

I got a call from dear old Mom this week, who has been doing some research on the family tree. She specifically focused on her father's ancestry, and she came up with some interesting facts:

At least part of the German side of her father's family came from Schleswig-Holstein, though we also suspect Bavarian ancestry. On the Irish side, the first Barron in America was born in Ireiland in 1751, location unknown at this point. I can also trace my lineage to the Scottish Clan Campbell now, as well as to victims of the Cherry Valley Massacre. In addition, I now know I had an ancestor serving in an Ohio regiment in the Civil War, and can trace the path of my family across the U.S. -- from New York, to Pennsylvania, then Ohio, to Kansas, New Mexico, California, and finally through me and my son to Oregon.

What's particularly interesting is the coincidence of that family history with that of my FATHER'S family, which traces a similar path -- Off the boat from Germany at Baltimore in 1750, then on to Pennsylvania, where rather than being massacred, an ancestor participated IN a massacre, then to Ohion, Arizona, and California. And yet despite similar places, the two families have no known connection until my parents met.

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