Sunday, April 06, 2008

Thoughts of a Typical Right Person

So Barack Obama has added more fuel to the Race-and-Politics fire that is the Democratic primaries with his comment calling his grandmother a "typical white person". I have noticed a couple of my fellow conservative Bloggers comment on this, but I also noticed that the Clinton campaign jumped on it right away. And it brought up an interesting point in my mind. Throughout this political season, whenever either Obama or Clinton have made a blunder, any response by conservatives has been labelled a right-wing smear tactic, motivated supposedly by racism or sexism.

Yet the two camps of liberals -- both the official campaigns and the rank-and-file supporters -- have been just as quick to jump on those same incidents. Nothing I've heard any conservative say in response to these well-known incidents has been any harsher than what the liberals have said about ueach other. Why do you think that is?

I'll tell you why *I* think it is. I think it's because that's all the two have on each other. The rhetoric in this country for some time is that our political campaigns should be about issues and not be personal attacks, but personal attacks are all Clinton and Obama have of substance on each other ARE personal attacks. On the issues, each is hard-pressed to prove significanlty different from the other. They both espouse domestic policies that are blatantly socialist, foreign policies that place being liked over being secure and hold American sovereignty hostage to international politics, and social values that devalue unborn life and place identity politics ahead of common sense and true equality. They both pander to the same special interest grouups on the Left, so they really can't outdo each other regarding their Liberal Bona Fides, so the only thing they have left is to try to tarnish each other.

The beauty of this from a conservative perspective is two-fold.

First of all, I've stayed away from much political blogging this election cycle, simply because I've been disappointed in my own party -- both in the actions of elected Republicans, and in the choices made in our own primaries. But when push comes to shove, I'd still prefer unenthusiastically supporting McCain to seeing either Clinton OR Obama elected. And despite some failings, he certainly does offer positions on several important policies that are in contrast with the Democratic candidate, whomever that may be. He's holding the line on a lot of foreign policy and security issues, although he still disappoints me regarding the border. He's taking a tough stance regarding mortgage bailouts, and I think he's smart enough to recognize that the economy is not his strong suite, and will recruit good policy folks to inform him.

Secondly, and this may be a bit mercenary of me, but he can focus on those issues, and rise above personal politics, while still reaping the benefits of the nasty personal politics being practiced by the Dem candidates on each other (see my "Qoute of the Day" a while back). They're doing such a good job of pointing out to voters why the other is unqualified, all McCain need to is point out his own qualifications, and harp on the issues.

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