Friday, September 10, 2004

Harkins Hops in Handbasket

See Update # 2 at bottom!

The Old Mainstream Media, Dan Rather, The Kerry Campaign, and now Tom Harkins can all skip merrily to hell, slung snug under Dorothy's arm, ensconced in wicker. All thanks to a set of forged memos.

Thanks for the Memory to Blogfather Rusty at MyPetJawa. Literally, this time. Last night this particular issue had me livid, and thanks to Rusty, I am now remembering to Blog on it.

Last night when I got home, after checking on the Feared Redhead, I was eager to see how the news channels would be handling the Killian Memos:

CNN Headline News, as I've mentioned, was parroting the line from CBS/60 minutes.

Fox's Tim Russert just had to go on about how damaging the memos are to Bush, if they're authentic, before addressing the objections to said authenticity.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Was interviewing someone (only caught the tail end, not sure who) who was talking about how these memos are more damaging to Bush than the swifties are to Kerry, because the Swifties have been "disproven," while the memos have not. Try to keep up, joey.

And CNN had the most infuriating coverage of all, airing a press statement by Tom Harkins criticizing Bush's military record, crowing about how these memos prove he's a liar, and demanding the President address the accusations. Rusty has the transcript.

I sat there, seething and chuckling at the same time. It was one more example of Democratic hypocrisy, accusing Republicans of mudslinging when this kind of attack is all too common bt the left. And yet it was amusing, because I knew he had to have made this statement before the forgery issue had come up.

I'm sure when all is said and done, the Democratic spin will try to dismiss this as nothing, and in fact, the true believers will still be quoting the memos, oblivious to their discredit.

But the Old Media in their coverage, the Kerry campaign in passing the memos to CBS, CBS and Rather for running with it, and Democratic leadership for playing it as their trump card even as it was being deconstructed like a house OF cards, took a huge hit to their credibility yesterday.

Update #1

Powerline has a lead on Dan Rather's insistence on staying in the Alamo.

This has Prompted Ace of Spades to start a Dan Rather Retirement Watch.

Update #2
Again, thanks to Ace!
According to the Nashua Telegraph, John Edwards is challenging Bush to address the accusations made in the memos!!!!

President Bush should have to explain newly released records that reveal his former Texas National Guard superior was asked to “sugar coat” performance records after finding Bush failed standards to be a trained pilot, Sen. John Edwards said Thursday.

How about this: THEY'RE FORGERIES, YOU MORON!!!!!!!

The left just isn't getting it.

Already Terry McAuliffe is luanching in on the "Rove Plant Conspiracy" angle. Ace has a great take on this.

Update #3:
Rather Spins
Thanks for the Memory to Ace YET AGAIN

So Rather's story, and he sticking to it (for now), is that even if the source isn't true, the story is!

Dan, Dan, Dan.... if the Source is Lying, the Story is a Lie!

Ace has retracted this story. Apparently Rather is still insisting that the documents themselves are genuine.

At least he hasn't pulled a Clintonesque "Meaning of the word is" moment. But he's still getting burned like a mutha.

Update #3.5
Again, from Ace. The man is ON FREAKING FIRE!

Apparently even the Dems are beginning to understand how bad this is for them.

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