Friday, September 10, 2004

Reaping the Whirlwind -- in a Good Way


My average traffic has been in the 80-90 visit per day range for a while now. Not impressive, but not bag for a humble little blog.

According to Sitemeter, based on my traffic today, they predict my traffic will climb to 111 visits per day. If the last hour, since I started blogging in earnest on Memogate, is any indication (which it probably isn't), I'm looking at 600 visits/day.

I realize this is a rare spike, and that my average will be nowhere near that. But I'm still seeing a significant climb. And it's readers from all over the place.

Now if this is happening to lil' ol' me, what must it be like for the big boys?

This story is, as Ace said yesterday, the shot heard 'round the blogosphere.

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