Friday, September 10, 2004

Semper Fidelis

Just got back from a little jaunt over to Blogmother Da Goddess' blog, where I saw this very moving picture. I suggest you go view her photography, read her moving words. i'm still unsure of how I escaped tears.

I'm not sure the man is a marine and not a soldier, the uniform is't clear enough for a civilian like me to say. Either way, the USMC motto seemed appropriate. Look at the photo. It's the perfect picture of the faithfulness of a family. A man. A woman. a child. Together, linked, one. But there's that uniform, which demands a faithfulness of its own. And like the family bond, the bond to the uniform was made willingly, voluntarily, fully cognizant of the cost, out of love.

Out of love for his country, the man makes a sacrifice. Out of love for the man, the family makes sacrifices. Because of their sacrifice, he knows his will not be in vain.

Faithful. Semper Fidelis. And we're all better off because they are.

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