Monday, August 16, 2004

I Was Bob Kerrey Before I Was John Kerry

Hat Tips to my local GOP Team Leader, Ace of Spades HQ, and to Free Republic:

Fox News just had a news segment where the Kerry campaign, in angry response to Bush claims that Kerry attended few Intelligence briefings, said that Kerry had at one time been the Vice-Chairman of the Intelligence campaign.
In response, the Bush people gleefully (Fox's word) returned fire by saying that it was BOB Kerrey, not JOHN Kerry who was Vice-Chairman of the Intelligence committee.
[Free Republic]

And thanks to a helpful commenter there, a direct quote from Kerry's site:

John Kerry is an Experienced Leader in the Intelligence Field

– John Kerry served on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for 8 years and is the former Vice Chairman of the Committee. Kerry joined the Committee in early 1993 and served until early 2001.

[Bold Added]

Except John Kerry wasn't the VC of the IC. Bob Kerrey was.

As has been asked -- don't they have fact checkers at the DNC or Kerry's campaign?

Will this guy ever get anything straight?

Revenge is a Dish Best Served with Pinto Beans and Muffins

Via Right Side of the Rainbow:

Israelis to barbecue outside hunger strikers' cells (Houston Chronicle)

Now, for you Southeasterners, I'm sorry to disappoint you, it probably won't be pulled pork, but still, you gotta admit, this is further, funny proof that the Israelis are as smarta** as they are bada**.


Over at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, the take on this is pretty funny, and the hot topic of discussion is which recipes the Israelis should use.

It's About Time

Hat tip to Right Side of the Rainbow

The title of this post was my first response, it was the first comment posted over at RSotR, and it's probably the overwhelming response of every Neocon, Paleocon (That's me!), and Realist who reads the article.

According to the Observer, President Bush plans to announce the redeployment of 100,000 troops from Europe.

Preferrably to somewhere a little less ungrateful.

UPDATE (Via Ace of Spades):

Democrats Question Timing of Announcement

Well, duh. Democratic timing, on the other hand, is unquestionably clockworklike. How do you reductio ad absurdem the already absurd?

Update II:
John Flipper Knuanced has weighed in, and Sir George over at the Rottie has ably fisked him.

Head for the Boondocks, Then Turn Right.

I have a new favorite comic strip: Prickly City. It's funnier than Mallard Filmore, but just as conservative. It's got an art style that is reminiscent of Non Sequitur, but without the Kool Aide drinking. Check out Sunday's strip.