Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blog Etiquette Question

When does a concept or entity merely merit the definitive article "the", and when does it attain "teh" status?

When Geeks Marry Non-Geeks

A while back(hell, long before The Lad came along), TFR and I were at a local restaurant having drinks and appetizers. I ordered calamari, and when I noticed that the rings included tentacles, I held a tentacled ring to my mouth and said to her, "I'm Cthulhu!" She didn't get it.

Maybe an Admiral Ackbar reference would have worked better.

A Milestone Passed and Missed

Sometime within the past da or so, I passed 50,000 visitors. Hell, I know of bloggers who get that much traffic in a week, but... well, you guys make me feel pretty....