Sunday, August 02, 2009

Public Service Announcement

I have been putting this blog post off for a while, hoping I wouldn't have to post it, not knowing when or how to broach the subject, but the time has come when I have to address it, because the topic of it will be something that directly affects me on a daily basis, and hence will have an impact on my blogging.

My wife and I are getting a separation. the paperwork will be filed this week, and I will be moving out as soon as a few practical issues have been addressed.

The goal at this point is to gain perspective and seek counseling ofor both of us. Reconciliation is still a possibility.

The reasons for the separation are complex, and neither one of us is entirely without fault nor completely to blame.

I do not intend to air our dirty laundry here any further, and ask that any readers who know us personally refrain form taking sides or making personal comments regarding either of us in my comments. My wife and I may have our issues, but they are ours, and as the mother of my son I still respect her and her privacy.

Please pray for both of us and especially for our son.