Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Convenient Half-Truth

Two Tips of the Toque to the Llama Butchers.

The first is for a link to this editorial in the Wall Street Journal in response to the declassification by the Obama administration of memos regarding CIA "torture". The gist of the editorial is pretty obvious to anyone who's ever played sports, let alone those in the military and intelligence communities: Never reveal your playbook to your opponent. Of course, throughout the Past 8 years, we've grown used to the "playbook" being revealed by the press, but now, it's the administration itself telegraphing our punch.

The second tip is for the LB's posting Former VP Cheney's response. Cheney asserts that the current administration has been overly selective and less than forthright in their declassification process -- revealing the methods employed by the CIA in specific cases, but not the follow-up memos that show the end results and effectiveness of those efforts.

With all due respect (and admiration), Mr. Cheney, don't hold your breath. The mantra of the left is "Torture Doesn't Work" -- their minds are made up, don't confuse them with facts.