Sunday, June 28, 2009

Portland, Oregon

Jack White and the great Loretta Lynn. Pity country stations wouldn play this or any song off her album "Van Lear Rose", because it didn't fit their definition of "country" (which these days is damned little else than pop with a southern twang), and ironic that an icon of rock music, a genre so often mocked by "country" singers, showed her greater adoration.

Miss Loretta, Ma'am, thank you for the song.

The Sunset Side of the Mountain

My sentiments exactly. As a country western fan, I've grown tired of the way "country" music has evolved to represent southerners as the last vanguard of rural America. Despite the "Left Coast" culture of our cities, the Western US is still very much country.

And yes, we really are the sons and daughters of the pioneers.