Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

GroovyVic over at Fiddle Dee Dee has tagged me. Hmmm... seven songs I'm listening to, huh?

Well, lately in the car I've been playing one Johnny Cash CD over and over, but the songs on it I especially listen to are:

1. Folsom Prison Blues
2. A Boy Named Sue
3. Sunday Morning Coming Down
4. John Henry's Hammer
5. One Piece at a Time
6. Ring of Fire
7. The other songs don't really rate such a list, but I'll add one more song I've been listening to INVOLUNTARILY. It comes from one of The Lad's toys and goes:

I'm Mack the Truck and my wheels go round.
I lift my load both up and down.
Honk honk, beep beep, oh look at me,
trucks are busy as can be.