Monday, October 18, 2004

Rain, Rain, Come Today

Yesterday it rained, and at one point it rained hard enough that even an Oregonian was compelled to call it "rain" (what most people call rain, we call a heavy mist). I'm much happier now -- I prefer it when the morning's cold and clouds actually stay around and put out, instead of burning off into that mid-fall schizophrenic heat I loathe so. I know it's pretty cliche to hear this coming from an Oregonian, but there's some truth in the stereotype -- I love rain. I love all kinds of rain. I love a summer rain with that smell coming up off of the dust when the first raindrops hit it. I love a fall rain when the cloud cover is intermittent and the sun low in the sky shines through so that it's bright and sunny but raining at the same time. I love a dead-of-winter rain when it's coming down in vertical sheets and the wind is howling and driving the rain right through your coat and you come in from it and peel off layers of wet fabric and sit by a fire or soak in the tub with a hot toddy or buttered rum or chocolate, and listen to the angry moans of the storm and smugly reflect on the fact that there are good walls and a roof between you and all of that weather. I love the way the rain showers everything squeaky clean and the way everything smells clean and healthy and the way that any flat surface glows and glistens at night from the reflection of the streetlights or the moonlight in the wetness that the rain deposits on streets and cars and sidewalks. And I love the sense of resolution that is felt after you've watched the sky darken and turn more and more brooding all day, they way the tension builds, giving the weather an almost emotional quality, until it erupts in a liquid tantrum that gets everything off of Mother Nature's chest. And I love the sweet calm that comes after the rain passes.

I can honestly say, God knew what He was doing when he had me born in Oregon.

Hazy, Hazy, Give Me Your answer Do....

Blogging AND training with a bad cold this week. The "Non-Drowsy" cold medecine... isn't. Looked forward to resting up yesterday, but nooooooo.... the Feared Redhead wants the second bedroom cleared out to convert into a nursery, so instead of curling up with a hot mug of tea and a good book, I spent the day sorting through boxes of stuff I forgot I even owned. Sheesh! It's still 4 months out.

The one bright side was I found my favorite Savonelli, so as soon as I can get it to the Briar Shoppe for some maintenance, I'll be a happy man.

The Football Gods Were Angry With Me

Not a good weekend to be a team I rooted for. sure, my Ducks won on Saturday, thus marking the first time this season they've won two in a row, and bringing their record to a dead even 3-3, but that still leaves them with only 2 losses leeway if they want to chalk up a school-record 11th straight winning season. And if they commit the kind of errors they did on Saturday against some of their future opponents, they are toast.

Yesterday, not so good. A run down of the teams I root for, from the closest I have to a favorite on down:

Detroit: Ouch. Green Bay cleaned their clocks. At least they're still over .500 at 3-2
Seattle: They played New England. 'Nuff said. Though I am proud of the way they hung tough.
San Diego: Didn't get to watch this one to the end, and I'm glad. Talk about snatching defeat rom the jaws of Victory.
Minnesota (Hey' I married one, it's a survival instinct. Plus, a former Duck plays for them): The one bright spot on the weekend.