Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bring The Noise

Ok, I got this idea from a comment on Fox News. I'm not sure how effective it is, but it's worth a shot.

Most, in fact almost all, of the information coming out of Iran regarding the uprising is being sent via the internet, mostly social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. and the government is doing everything they can do to crack down on it -- tracking down the tweeters, bloggers, etc., and doing what they can to shut them down.

So the suggestion that was made was for those of us in the west who blog, twitter, facebook, etc. to change our location to Tehran and our time zome to GMT+3:30. The idea is that any time you post, it creates one more hit that appears from within Iran that the authorities there have to investigate and try to block (good bloody luck, you savage bastards: I'm out of your reach. Here's hoping you fail in your attempts to quell your people's urge for freedom).

So if you're reading this, and you blog, or tweet (or whatever it's called on Twitter), or have Facebook or MySpace, I'm asking you to follow suite and change your settings. And if you're an Iranian who stumbles across this site, we're with you: The world is watching, the world is behind you, the world wants you to win your freedom. And if you're an Iranian censor, here's hoping I made your job all that much harder.