Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not So Fast....

I lost the job. Before I was even going to start. Must be a new land speed record.

Here's what happened:

Monday, I went in to talk to the chef about my schedule. He had scheduled me to work the hours I'm actually in class, and off when I was available. I explained to him, and he acknowledged that he'd made poor notes regarding my availability. We confirmed my actual availability, and he said he'd get back with me.

He did. This morning. He explained that after several attempts to accommodate my schedule, he was unable to do so without breaking other commitments. He is sorry, and hopes I'll come back when my schedule opens up, but for now, he doesn't have a place for me.

I'm terribly disappointed, and it's a real blow for us financially, but I'm encouraged by the fact he found me hireable to begin with. Now I just need to get back out there. I just worry that my school schedule is going to be a problem anywhere I go.