Friday, February 18, 2005


I take the bus to work every day (aka the Petri Dish on Wheels). This morning as I arrived at the bus stop down the street from the Moron Cave, another rider was already at the stop. She apparently didn't feel well, because she was coughing. She was coughing hard. She was coughing one of those coughs that manages to be phlegmy and yet harsh and raspy at the same time. She was coughing so hard that tears were streaming down her face, and eventually she coughed so hard she puked, right there at the bus stop. So what did dhe do after she got the coughing to stop? You guessed it. She lit up a cigarette. I'm so freaking glad I never started smoking.

So I climb onto the bus, and find a seat. Across the aisle from me is a young couple, and the woman is coughing almost as badly as the passengert at the stop was. All up and down the bus, people were coughing with various degrees of intensity. I immediately thought of my new son and his health and all the yummy germs I probably bring home to him.

I can't wait until the weather permits me to climb back on my bicycle every morning.