Sunday, September 17, 2006

Musical Geography Question(s) of the Day

1. Where can you find tropical trees and the salty air?
2. What's waiting for you there?

Fantasy Football: Week 2

What a difference a week makes.

During the last week, I managed to make some significant changes to my team. Taking Jim in KFalls' advice, I picked up Matt Leinart, but I'm waiting to see if he actually gets any playing time. I dropped Jake Plummer and benched Kerry Collins. I managed to pick up the Bears' Rex Grossman, put him right in as my starter, and wham bam thank you ma'am, he goes 20 of 27 for 289 and 4 TD's. At kicker, I dropped Janikowski, benched and acquired John Carney -- and again, I see a huge improvement in performance at that position.

But the improvements in performance at offensive positions where I held tight, and another solid (no, make that dominating) performance by the Ravens defense also helped. Both the Seattle WR's that I own are doing better than last week -- especially Jackson. The same goes for Tampa TE Todd Heap. The only disappointment so far has been at running back, where both Mike Alstott and Michael turner had a drop in performance. But at least Turner has a quarter left to pick up the pace.

Even with my runners letting me down a bit, the improvements I saw, coupled with a bit of a slip by my opponent's players (remember last week she dominated her game) means that it's almost a shoe-in that I'll win: I only have three players left in games that are not yet final, she only has two, and I'm up 105.4 to 59.3.

I'm feeling pretty vindicated in most of my choices, both in who to cut and who to give another chance to. I'm going to give my RB's the same chance to improve I gave to my WR's. The only concern I have now is the fact that I have no WR on the bench. Fortunately, I am 3 deep in QB's, so I have some wiggle room. The question is who to cut -- Leinart or Collins? Leinart has promise, IF the Cards ever give him the helm, but that's a big "if". Collins is putting in another dismal performance, but if anything were to happen to Grossman, at least Collins is putting in playing time -- a pittance of points is better than none.