Sunday, October 31, 2004

Life is Good

Original Post (1:20 PM PDT, October 25, 2004):

The In-laws made their weekly phone contact with the Feared redhead last night, and had a bit of news that has me smiling.

They just got back recently from a trip to Spain (I know, I'm not fond of current Spanish politics either, but they have old family friends their and were attending a wedding. The Spaniards are gracious people, even if their current government lacks cojones) and England.

At the wedding, the guests all received a reception gift. My father-in-law saved his and brought it home, and is going to send it to me. The gift was a Cuban cigar. Again, not a fan of the politics in its country of origin, "but a good cigar is a smoke", to borrow from Kipling.

There was one moment of horror as they discussed shipping arrangements with T.F.R., who told them that a padded envelope should provide sufficient protection. *Cue movie sound effect: deep, slow-motion sound of me screaming, "NnnnnOooo.....!!!!!"* Suffice it to say, I swiftly put paid to that bit of misinformation.

So today in class, I was thinking of that cigar, and then remembered the other lovely gift I recently received from T.F.R. -- namely, the bottle of Laphroaig 10-Year. And it dawned on me that it won't be long before I'm reclining on the back porch, a dram of the Water of Life in one hand, and a cheroot in the other.

The beatific smile that crept across my face, well, you should have seen it.

Update (2:06 PM PST, October 31, 2004):

The cigar arrived on Thursday. Not just any Cuban cigar -- a Cohiba.

Let the eating out of hearts commence.

I do hope November 2nd provides me a good reason to enjoy it.