Thursday, May 14, 2009

Takin' It To The Street

So the cooking audition fell through -- the company has been put on a hiring freeze, they may or may not call back in a few weeks. And the other two interviews went nowhere. So today I'm back out dropping off resumes.

This really sucks. I knew about the summer layoff when I took the school job last summer, but what I DIDN'T know back then was that the economy would tank and the job market dry up by THIS summer. I figured I'd have little trouble finding seasonal work. Instead, I'm right back where I was this time last year, scrambling to find work, and wondering if I'm EVER going to make a career move that doesn't go from promising to dead end in the short time it takes me to transition into it.

What I had hoped to do, and still may if I end up back at the school in the fall, is save up, buy a small concessions trailer, and start doing my own selling at fairs, festivals, etc. -- I'm convinced that the only way to really secure my future is eventual self-employment.

So out the door I go -- wish me luck.