Saturday, November 06, 2004

Well Said

Lee B. has posted an excellent essay on freedom over at Merc's Place. His writing style is a bit rough around the edges, but it's not in the least bit prosaic -- there's a poetry to the words and phrases he uses to conjure images.

The essay starts with some sobering numbers, and puts forward an argument I've made for some time -- anyone who tries to use the number of US casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan as justification for our withdrawal is ignorant of our history. While even one death is tragic, there are sometimes even greater tragedies, such as tyranny and oppression and holocaust, that can only be averted by the sacrifices of brave soldiers. While we cannot discount those deaths, we must put them in perspective. The quickest and easiest way to dishonor those dead is to veer from the course of winning for freedom, thus rendering those deaths in vain.

Lee's best comment is this:

"liberty is precious. the right to keep that liberty is precious.
so precious, blood is more worthy than gold to pay its demanded price."

Well said. Let us never squander that which was purchased for us so dearly.