Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Out of my Hole

It's been what, a month or so since I blogged? A lot has been going on, and I jut haven't had the mental energy to blog. Heck, I'm barely keeping up with reading my own favorite blogs that regularly.

I moved out a little over a month ago, and am living ina rented room. It's... well, it's different as an adult in his forties from living like this as a twentysomething.

It's a daily financial struggle, because I'm underemplyed, but things are looking up. I have an interview tomorrow with a very large, very well-funded local institution. It would also be only part time, but even if I can't make it fit around my current schedule, the increase in pay and the fact that they offer some benefits at as little as twenty hours.

I see The Lad 4-5 days a week, and up until recently had him for most of the day two of those days. I'm now being scheduled to work Saturdays, so Buddy day has been moved to Fridayand truncated -- I have him from 9:30 AM until I drop him off at the babysitter on my way to work at 5.

Trust me, I've been following politics recently, just haven't commented on them here. It's been interesting to say the least. SO much to address, I think I'll save it for individual posts.

Haven't been doing a lot of serious cooking outside of work these days -- bachelor syndrome, it's too much trouble to go to to cook for just one person. Although I did come up with an excellent "Doctored Ramen" recipe.

I've spent some time on Facebook, reconnecting with old friends from high schol AND college, and even one or two from jr. high and earlier. I've been humbled by the level of friendship people still extend to me after so man years of disonnectedness. The compassion and encouragement they offer me in both the situation with my marriage and my job hunt has been overwhelming. I was shy in high school, and never extended myself to my classmates in a substantial way, and I'm learning now just how much friendship I missed out on because of that.

In a smaller way, I'm also still amazed at the real genuine warmth shown to me by my blog readers, who surprisingly enough still show up to read and comment when I finally do post. Your graciousness is not unappreciated, and hopefully will soon be rewarded.