Monday, October 17, 2005

Caller ID: Area Code 504

Got an unexpected but happy phone call from a New Orleans cell phone at lunch.

IT was from the gentleman I met at the shelter in Houston who had not heard from his 14-year-old son. He's found work in Houston; they've found an apartment right on the Bus Line and not far from his wife's work; and best of all, he's heard from his son. He's well and in Baton Rouge, apparently he was with his mother the whole time.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers.

Monday Morning: Weekend of Football Recap

Dear Washingtonians,

Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoyed your stay. Next time bring your football team, and maybe we can plan a game or something.

Seriously, despite the drubbing we handed to the puppydawgs, I was less than pleased with the Ducks' performance. The first two plays from scrimmage were both fumbles, and it was only UW's poor offense that let us get away with only giving up one touchdown out of them (the phrase "18-yard drive" is telling, no?). Compound that with some seriously silly time management at the end of the first half, and some really stupid penalties, and the score shouldn't even have been as close as 45-21. If we play like that against a better calibre team, we're in a world of hurt. Either way, we're 6-1 and that's better than a kick in the pants, I suppose.

Speaking of poor play by teams from Washington and its effect on the Ducks, thanks a lot to Wazzoo for blowing a solid lead to UCLA, thus ensuring the Bruins a contiued place in the hunt for runner up to USC in the PAC-10. On the line for the Ducks is possibly the difference between a berth in the Fiesta Bowl or the Holiday.

And Kudos to the Men of Troy for a Cardiac Comeback victory. Looks like a little of the "Luck O' The Irish" rubbed off on the visiting team this time. If the Notre Dame defender hadn't knocked the ball loose and out of bounds, the game's over and USC goes home with a L.

I know they're our rivals in the PAC-10, but I've always rooted for USC in this particular game, and if we want the best bowl berth possible, Duck fans need to grit their teeth and cheer Troy for the rest of the season.

(Former Ducks and their teams)

Being a big fan of Joey Harrington, I've tried rooting for the Lions, I really have. But if they want Joey to be successful as their QB, they're going to need an O-Line made up of something other than Swiss Cheese. Furthermore, after that cheap shot on Jake Delhomme, they deserved to lose. Helmet-to-helmet on a sliding QB? C'mon guys, leave that BS to the Raiders.

Speaking of whom, nanny nanny boo boo. Oakland just couldn't find a way to stop LaDainian Tomlinson, who became the first player in 4 years and only the third in 35 years to run, receive, AND pass for TD's all in one game. The Duck connection? Tight end Justin Peele, who received the pass LT threw.

Other teams with former Ducks that I follow:
Seattle handed the Houston Texans their fannies (like that's saying much), while the Vikings continue their slump.

All in all, a good, if tempered, weekend to be a Duck fan.