Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Prayer for Fort Hood

Been at work all day so this is my first chance to post about the shootings at Fort Hood.

My heart breaks for the soldiers, families, and civilian workers involved in this tragic, horrible incident. It is one thing to go in harms way, to stand on the Thin Red Line between our homeland and those who woudl destroy her. It is another thing entirely to be ambushed while on her soil, on your own base, in the one place you should be safest and most succored.

My prayers are with you tonight. May God our Father in His infinite love and grace grant you comfort and guidance. May you rest in eternall bliss, far from the strife which you so willingly faced so that we may avoid it. Tears are not enough to express my sorrow for what has happened to you, but they are the only meager token I can offer.