Tuesday, January 31, 2006


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Samuel Alito has been confirmed.

That's despite an attempt to filibuster his confirmation, led by Senators Kerry (D-France) and Kennedy (D-Glenlivet). That has to sting.

And as one Ace reader points out, the fact that he was confirmed by fewer than 60 votes may actually be even worse news for the Democrats -- the fact that that is fewer than the votes that would have been needed for cloture means that the far left will be out for the heads of Democrats they consider to have wimped out.

What Can Brown (and Black and Blue) Do For You?

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UPS Driver Attacked By Middle School Students

BELLWOOD, Ill. A UPS driver was savagely beaten by middle school students while delivering packages in the western suburbs.

The attack happened in Bellwood along the 3200 block of St. Charles.

In a CBS 2 excusive, Joanie Lum talked to the man who was savagely beaten just trying to do his job.

UPS driver Thomas Murphy says he was beaten by a group of school kids on busy St. Charles Road in Bellwood, the route he has driven for 12 years.

He says a teenager walked out in front of his delivery truck Friday at about 3 p.m. When he stopped the truck, 15 to 20 youths surrounded him.

"Somebody clocked me with a pipe. I took kicks from my right. My eyes caked over. I tried to get up and defend myself as best I could," Murphy said.

He was beaten from his head to his ankles.

"I remember being down on one knee, falling to the ground with kids on top of me," Murphy said.

He thinks a passing motorist called for help.

The Bellwood police believe the attackers came from Roosevelt Middle School, located a couple of blocks away. They have stepped up patrols in the area.

“If other delivery drivers are going to face this, we want our patrols in the area," said Bellwood Police Chief Robert Collins.

“Somebody should be held accountable for these kids. They run wild like a pack of wolves, where's the parents?" Murphy said.

In spite of his trauma, Murphy says he wants to get back to work.

"I have every intention of getting back on my route. I'd like to do it with some sense of security," he said.

Police say an anonymous witness has come forward with the names of several people involved in the attack. Murphy identified a couple of people in a photo lineup Monday afternoon, but no one's been arrested yet.
Again, animals, pack hunters. This was a cold-blooded, calculating, premeditated hunt of their prey. What's particularly frightening is the young age of these predators -- not just because it means some well-meaning, soft-hearted (but alas, also soft-headed) individuals will use that as a reason to call for leniency on their behalf, but because it's an indication of just how early an age the depravity of our society is starting.

I'd like to think that children this young can still be redeemed. But until they can, they need to be off the streets. The public needs and deserves protection from this kind of evil.

And the case for Homeshooling grows deeper and stronger by the minute.