Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A REAL All Star

Quote of the Week

Thanks for the Memory to Flopping Aces via Allahpundit:

It has long been pretty obvious to me that the official-secrecy faction within the state machinery has received a gigantic fillip from the press witch hunt against Lewis Libby and Karl Rove. What bureaucrat could believe the luck of an editorial campaign to uncover and punish leaking? A campaign that furthermore invokes the most reactionary law against disclosure this century: the Intelligence Identities Protection Act? It was obvious from the first that the press, in taking Wilson and Plame at their own estimation, was fashioning a rod for its own back. I await the squeals that will follow when this rod is applied, which it will be again and again.
- Christopher Hitchens, commenting on the Mary McCarthy case

Tantas Cruzes

Thanks for the Memory to Ken at It Comes in Pints?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So what happens when you combine such a picture with an essay that's just as valuable?

You get Val Prieto's 3000th blogh entry at babalu. It's worth the read.